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A short monologue

Old Marathi Sahitya - Literature covers about eight centuries. Its pioneers and founders were Mukundaraj (Vivekasindhu) and Dnyaneshwar (Dnyaneshwari) whose younger contemporary Namdeo (1270-1350) wrote devotional verses in a simple language for the people. Two centuries later came the great saint and greater poet. Eknath whose Ekanathi Bhagavata is a literary masterpiece of Marathi literature. Mukteshwar (1574-1645) later developed this style, and his version of the Mahabharata is the best example of a great narrative poem in Marathi. In the history of Marathi Sahitya (literature), Tukaram (1608-1651) has been given a unique stature. Now we are proud with gems of marathi literature like Pu La Deshpande, Atre, Va Pu Kale

Modern Marathi Kavita (Poetry) began with Mahatma Jyotiba Phule's compositions. The later poets like Keshavsuta, Balakavi, Govindagraj, and the poets of Ravi Kiran Mandal like Madhav Julian wrote kavya poetry which was influenced by the Romantic and Victorian English poetry

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